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photo: Tina Riddle

Marshal Frank Wilcox is the undisputed leader of the group. As a career lawman he has the skill and understanding to excel in this new world.

photo: Tina Riddle

Rose Anne is a warm hearted, giving person. In this new time, she sometimes has trouble with the decisions she has to make. Fiercely protective of Jennie, she is the nurturing person in the group.

Sandy Penny

photo: Tina Riddle

Sgt. Bale is a warrior. Together with the Marshal, they are the backbone of the group.

Calion Maston

photo: Sam Keller

Preacher Black is both the town Doctor and the Undertaker.  His knowledge of science and medicine will prove to be an important contribution to the group.

Greg Bronson

photo: Tina Riddle

Jasper is a valued member of the group. As a bartender, he knows how to deal with people. That will prove to be a skill worth having.

Mark Trombino is an author and an actor. Along with Walking Dead in the West, he has appeared in The Dog Wedding, Men Cry Bullets, and Little Victim.

photo: Sam Keller

Datanta is an Apache Chief with a price on his head by the United States Government. He is now an ally to the group.

photo: Tina Riddle

Jennie is a sensitive, clear minded, good soul. She was orphaned at an early age and was raised by Rose Anne. She is in love with Wyatt.

Jessica Winters is an accomplished stage actress and film actor.

Wyatt is the son of a local rancher and he is in love with Jennie.

photo: Sam Keller

He is known as “The Outlaw George Rivers. He is a back shooter, a horse thief, and a murderer.

Jarod Anderson

photo: Tina Riddle

Sheriff Wright is the local sheriff. He is affable nature and love of the bottle didn’t prepare him completely for the day when the dead were walking.

Jean Paul Turgeon.

Deputy Clem does his best at being a deputy. Sometimes it is not enough.

Sam Keller received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at ASU where he performed in a dozen student films and plays. He was most recently on stage in Deathtrap (West Valley Playhouse, Los Angeles) and can be seen monthly with the Comedy Bandits Improv troupe in L.A. 

photo: Tina Riddle

Hector Ruiz is Mexican gunfighter. Another bad man. An outlaw.

Efrain Escudero is a UFC mixed martial arts fighter. This is his first film role.

White face is a fierce Apache War Chief. He is less amenable to the allegiance with the group.

Sam Bearpaw

photo: Sam Keller

Ping Li is sensitive and very scared. A fear that she an not shake.

Jai Yunae

Becky Miller is a sweet little girl.

Kiera Crouch

Josh Winston is an outlaw.

Matt Derdivanis.

Caleb Jennngs is an outlaw.

Henry Ibarra

Mr. Miller is a rancher.

A D Marshall

Hector Ruiz is Mexican gunfighter. Another bad man. An outlaw.

Dawn Nixon.

Ike is an outlaw. A bad man.

Bill Wetherill

Bob is an Outlaw. A bad man.

David Gieblestein.

A good man with a difficult job.

Don Wiest.